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High River, Alta., holds course in strike team and task force management

March 14, 2023 
By Town of High River

The Town of High River, Alta., has extensively trained staff from all divisions to ensure responses to local emergencies are made efficiently and effectively.

In recent weeks the Town of High River hosted a Strike Team Task Force Leader course led by licensed instructors and deputy chief of emergency management and protective services Steve Debienne.

Certified by ICS Canada, The Strike Team Task Force Leader course teaches students the ins and outs of the ICS system while providing extensive training in strike team and task force management.

Fire Chief Cody Zebedee states the training is essential for the town’s emergency preparations and is a perfect way to get staff involved.


“Hosting these classes brings different areas of our organization together to receive formal training in emergency response, which is an essential part of our preventative measures to ensure that we are prepared for any local emergencies,” says Fire Chief Zebedee.

Along with providing training and experience to town staff, these courses also bring in responders from neighbouring municipalities and organizations.

“These classes also bring other local responders together. This helps tremendously in building connections and partnerships with local municipalities and organizations for future emergency responses,” says Fire Chief Zebedee.

Town of High River staff will continue to run regular tests and exercises to ensure the emergency preparedness plan suits our community and provides effective emergency responses.

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