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All-terrain LENTRY Light Units now available with LEDs

lentryJan. 25, 2011 – LEDs are now available on all-terrain, portable LENTRY scene lighting systems by Ventry Solutions, Inc.
Portable LENTRY units combine Honda-series generators with extendable, all-terrain legs and telescoping lights. Each LED light used on a LENTRY system telescopes, is 120 volts, generates 20,000 lumens of light, draws only two amps, and uses just 240 watts of power. Each LED lamp head is comprised of 60 ultra-bright white LEDs, 48 for flood lighting and 12 focused spot lights. The unique lens helps direct flood lighting onto the work area and simultaneously a spot light beam into the distance.
Multiple telescoping LEDs are available on a single portable LENTRY Light System with your choice of height, standard or extra tall.
LENTRY Systems are quiet, bright, and fuel efficient, standing 3.5 to nine feet tall, with legs and lights that retract for storage and transport. These rugged units brightly illuminate any scene, on-road and off, helping first responders be safe and efficient no matter the terrain.
Visit to see the numerous LENTRY units now available.

January 25, 2012 
By Fire Fighting in Canada

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