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Buildings reference book emphasizes safety

Oct. 13, 2010 - Knowing Your Buildings: A Firefighter's Reference Guide, provides an illustrative guide to building construction terms and concepts for those still learning the trade as well as practicing fire service professionals. The book opens with a chapter dedicated to risk management at structure fires and an overview of building construction basics to emphasize the importance of firefighter safety in incident response. In the following A-Z chapters, terms and definitions are organized alphabetically, and include photos, diagrams, drawings and charts to clearly explain and provide visual examples of building construction materials and techniques. Safety points are also highlighted throughout the book to explain the connection between building construction materials, fire growth and ultimately the safety of responding firefighters and fire officers. For more information, or to purchase a copy of Knowing Your Buildings: A Firefighter's Reference Guide, visit the Annex Bookstore.

October 13, 2010  By Carey Fredericks

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