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Device offers mobile access to medical records

April 15, 2010 - The LifeGuard30 is a hand-held mobile medical records system that provides wireless access to critical medical information. Small enough to be clipped onto a key-chain or belt loop, the LifeGuard30's full colour screen displays up to 30 pages of medical data including a photograph of the individual for identity verification, current medications, surgical history, pre-existing conditions, known allergies and emergency contacts. The system uses only a last name and photo to identify the patient, and does not include the user’s first name, address or phone. Data stored in the system is encrypted to meet HIPAA standards for medical privacy. Each LifeGuard30 system includes two devices—one for backup—along with a medical ID bracelet, wallet ID card, home and auto decals and a refrigerator pocket decal all designed to alert first responders that the patient has a LifeGuard30 device and medical information available.For more information, or to see a product demonstration, visit

April 15, 2010 
By Carey Fredericks

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