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Firefighter Career Expo 2013

Deputy Fire Chief Dwayne MacIntosh of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) welcomes a group of firefighter hopefuls to the first of four Firefighter Career Expos in 2013. The event on Saturday at the GTAA's Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute (FESTI) was hosted by founder Kory Pearn and featured speakers Jesse Cooke of Twist Sports Conditioning in Whitby, Ont., Jason Lloyd of Firefighter Academy and GTAA Fire Chief Mike Figliola. Photos by Olivia D'Orazio.

February 25, 2013 
By Olivia D'Orazio

Participants in the 2013 Firefighter Career Expo in Toronto look at vendor exhibits before the start of the first seminar.

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Deputy Chief MacIntosh introduces founder, Kory Pearn, who hosted the day-long Career Expo.

dsc_0014 dsc_0016 founder, Kory Pearn, gives an overview of the firefighter recruitment process. Kory Pearn (left) delivers his opening lecture while Chief Training Officer Brian Ross, also from the GTAA, looks on.

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  Participants work in teams to complete a critical-thinking exercise during the 2013 Firefighter Career Expo in Toronto on Saturday.

Jesse Cooke of Twist Sport Conditioning in Whitby, Ont., discusses how the gym can help recruits pass the physical fitness test and stay in shape throughout their careers.

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Participants took time on their breaks to speak with vendors at the 2013 Firefighter Career Expo. Most vendors at the 2013 Firefighter Career Expo are also firefighters. Many participants took advantage of their experience, asking questions and seeking advice.

The vendor exhibit area at the 2013 Firefighter Career Expo at FESTI in Toronto.

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Deputy Fire Chief Dwayne MacIntosh (left) and Fire Chief Mike Figliola (right), both from the GTAA, bring a chief's perspective to Saturday's Career Expo. The chiefs discussed recruitment trends and the dos and don'ts of a firefighter interview. Do: be early, be dressed appropriately and be confident.

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Jason Lloyd of Firefighter Academy explains what to think about when enrolling in post-secondary firefighter schools.

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  Kory Pearn talks about interview strategies and why it's important to have a positive post-interview attitude.

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Kory Pearn closes the formal seminar portion of the day. Many of the day's vendors, including representatives from Firefighter Academy and FireWise, participated in the panel discussion.


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The training grounds at FESTI, where the 2013 Firefighter Career Expo was held. FESTI is a recognized college in the province of Ontario, providing pre-service firefighter training.

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