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Flashpoint blog: Incensed over defaced memorial

May 14, 2008

I am incensed, almost beside myself in disgust and bewilderment at the defacement of the Ontario Firefighters' Memorial at Queen's Park.  To call the act cowardly is a gross understatement.  In contrast with those whose names grace the memorial, this heinous act of vandalism is made more infantile by comparison.  Whatever grievance someone may have with the government of the day, to abuse the memories of ordinary people who lived extraordinary lives for the betterment of their fellow Ontarians is perverse.

May 14, 2008 
By Peter Sells

Not surprisingly, the vandal can't even spell. You don't have to be smart to be a criminal, and this is doubly true of a petty senseless act like this.  Some of the media are reporting one of the spray-painted phrases as Firefighters 4 McGuinty, but the photos show a pathetically illiterate Firemen 4 MaGinty.  Another of the phrases is reported as Guns Bad and I am at a total loss as to what that has to do with firefighters.

To the lone moron who did this and was observed on security cameras, you are obviously an idiot so it won't be long before you are caught.  When that happens you will no doubt voice some irrelevant and loudmouthed explanation of your actions, and further demonstrate the depravity of your character and the substandard level of your intellect. I would doubt that you would ever have the courage to do so, but to witness you explaining your actions to the child or grandchild of one of the firefighters whose memory you defiled would be interesting, but for the rage I would feel.

Vic, Charlie, Craig and all the rest of you, most of whom I never had the honour of knowing or serving with – rest in peace.  You lived and died in ways too large to pay heed to such small deeds as this.

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