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Hydratrek amphibious vehicle comes to market

ffic-june08-watchroom-hydratrekJune 3, 2008, Covington, Tn. After four years of extensive research and development, Hydratrek has unveiled its industrial duty emergency response vehicle, the Hydratrek, to the mass market. 

June 3, 2008  By Hydratrek

Able to maneuver into areas that have rarely before been accessible by land, Hydratrek’s amphibious vehicle can effortlessly trek up and down steep inclines, through heavy sticky mud, swamps, woodlands, earthquake zones and flood waters. 

The Hydratrek was originally designed by two outdoor enthusiasts to be the ultimate amphibious machine that provides seamless transition from land to water. However, when hurricane Katrina hit, it opened their minds to how this creation can be used for search and rescue initiatives in disaster situations.  Hydratrek re-created its machine to be an industrial-grade workhorse, allowing for remote-area access for personnel and equipment transport in any environment.

The Hydratrek is the ultimate disaster vehicle for situations including disaster response and urban search and rescue.

The Hydratrek comes equipped with a patent pending hydraulic circuit and valve arrangement that allows for tri-mode propulsion including land only wheel drive, a proprietary designed eleven inch bronze dual prop system for water drive, or a combination of prop and wheel drives. A fully integrated hydrostatic closed-loop drive system includes an individual motor for each wheel and prop and allows for the wheels and props to work independently from one another. The Hydratrek can be easily operated from either side or center of the vehicle, by a single set of controls. There are no gears to shift, so the Hydratrek offers a smooth ride through any conditions.


The base model retails at US $52,000.

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