Fire Fighting in Canada

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No plans in place for dealing with situations like Lac-Megantic

July 3, 2014, Montreal - An expert who examined the devastating train derailment in Lac-Megantic says no plans and equipment are in place to deal with a similar situation as the one-year anniversary of the tragedy approaches.

July 3, 2014
By The Canadian Press

Rosa Galvez-Cloutier, a civil engineering professor at Universite Laval, says she doesn't think much has changed since the massive explosion and fire that killed 47 people on July 6, although the federal government has tightened regulations.

She says firefighters and security officials were overwhelmed by the inferno when the derailment happened.

Galvez-Cloutier, who was at the scene, says she was surprised to see firefighters were still cooling the oil tanker cars after eight hours.

She says they were even not fighting the fire, adding that there was a lot of panic and a lack of co-ordination by authorities.


Galvez-Cloutier says what made it even more complicated was there was no information about the exact composition of the oil that was being burned.