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Pigeon Cove residents remain without water after six days

March 18, 2014, Pigeon Cove, N.L. - Residents of a small community on Newfoundland and Labrador's northern peninsula remain without water, six days after they lost the service.

March 18, 2014
By The Canadian Press

Pigeon Cove's water source became inaccessible to the pumping station when the shallow pond became completely frozen, forcing some residents to melt snow for water.

A state of emergency was declared and the province provided cases of bottled water, but Frank Beaudoin of the local service district committee says the government isn't moving fast enough.

Municipal Affairs Minister Steve Kent says the government has been working with contractors and engineering staff to come up with a solution and has considered everything from temporary above-ground water lines to water tanks and using the town's fire truck.

Kent indicated late Monday that a temporary solution has been found and that crews could be on site today.


But Liberal MHA Jim Bennett, who represents the area, says the government failed to act promptly and could have brought in a tanker truck with water.

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