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eagleAug. 22, 2008 - New technologies make breakthrough advances available the new Scott thermal imaging camera where the difference is in the details.

August 22, 2008 
By Scott

eagleAug. 22, 2008 – Scott Health and Safety announces the introduction of the Eagle Imager® 320 – a rugged, technologically advanced, feature-rich, thermal imaging camera ideal for firefighter search and rescue applications.

“With the Eagle Imager 320 thermal imaging camera, we took the same advanced design concepts developed for the popular Eagle Imager 160 camera and incorporated the most advanced thermal imaging technology available today,” says Tom Korb, Scott’s North American Fire Marketing Manager, “All while maintaining the reliability, durability and functionality of a Scott thermal imaging camera.”

At the heart of the Eagle Imager 320 thermal camera is an amorphous silicone (a-Si) camera core capable of producing vivid imagery under a variety of conditions. Its 1,100° dynamic range generates highly detailed images that enable quick and easy scene interpretation and eliminates white out, ghosted images or other distracting image artifacts. A wide dynamic range permits the user to see a firefighter standing next to or behind flame.

Other user-friendly features designed into the new Scott Eagle Imager camera are operating “modes” that provide key information vital on the scene of a fire. In the Overhaul Mode, background temperatures above the median are identified to assist with hot spot localization, while spot temperature measurements can be easily interpreted with the bar graph and digital temperature readouts.


The Temperature Awareness Colorization™ (TAC ) mode identifies temperatures in certain ranges through color-based indicators (yellow > 200°F, orange > 500°F, red > 800°F) while providing a clear grey scale image for the rest of the objects in view. This sharp contrasting display mode helps in quickly analyzing the hottest items in the environment.

Additionally, a MaxTemp™ indicator, which is displayed in all operating modes, identifies the temperature of the hottest object within the camera’s viewing area. Each of these modes is viewable directly from the camera’s 4-inch wide diagonal LCD viewing screen and identified by graphic icons to reduce any misinterpretation of text. An additional zoom-in feature allows for 2x and 4x magnification of a scene to help distinguish between objects or temperatures.

The new Eagle Imager 320 camera features the same functionality and rugged design of the proven and popular Scott Eagle Imager 160 camera, primarily the unique, ergonomically-designed, pivoting handle that allows users to easily switch from a crawling, hand held, or virtually hands free positions.

Additionally, the same two-button operation and robust 9-volt nickel metal hydride battery offering over four hours of run time are carried over from the Eagle Imager 160 camera to the new Eagle Imager 320.

For more information about the new Scott Eagle Imager 320 Thermal Imaging Camera, visit Scott’s website at Scott Health & Safety

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