Fire Fighting in Canada

Engineering The Future Of Fire Culture
September 19, 2023 at 1:00pm

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Short staffed or feeling a generational divide with new recruits? Change is a constant in the fire service, but the staffing, environmental, and cultural shifts we face today make embracing change more important than ever.

1. Identifying change is a skill and helps us to do business better. Make curiosity and flexibility part of your standard operations to maximize efficiency and lead your department ahead of the curve.

2. Gain perspective by zooming out from the details of current tools and procedures to key goals, so you can re-engineer fire ground solutions like Mr. Cerrano or challenge standing procedures like Mr. Skinner.

3. Your own professional growth is the best way to help others embrace change, so plan your development for the remainder of 2023.


Jason Cerrano
The world’s foremost expert in fire truck waterflow automation. He invented SAM Waterflow Systems to automate routine fireground tasks, saving precious time during the critical first five minutes of a fire. In addition to saving time, Cerrano’s inventions provide critical safety features that have disrupted the fire industry, including: a nozzle-mounted low tank level light to ensure timely egress, pressure governor automation to prevent overuse injuries to the pump operator, water overflow prevention that protects the operator from slipping on ice, and dual side pump controls that allow the operator to pump from the safest location. Jason’s purpose is to protect those who protect communities by continually improving the processes, equipment, and culture of the fire service.


Eric Skinner
Has been in the fire service since 2009 and has worked paid on call, duty crew, and career fire in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. He has and continues to operate on two and three person staffed crews on both his part time and career departments. He is also a faculty for the fire science program at Hennepin Technical College and is the owner of Twin Cities Fire Tactics LLC, an organization that teaches strategy and tactics for the understaffed crew.

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