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Why we go to FDIC

The Fire Within's core values are rooted in the mantra TRAIN, EDUCATE, EQUIP. Train firefighters, educate the public and equip fire department's
This morning in his passionate opening address, Bobby Halton said that today we are one in 100. What he was referring to is that statistically one in every 100 firefighters will have the opportunity to attend FDIC.

April 21, 2010 
By Chad Sartison Chairman The Fire Within

Unfortunately, attendance is a rare privilege enjoyed by even fewer
Canadians. Budgetary restrictions and a lack of understanding of the
importance of gatherings like this drive the ignorance. 

Firefighters, volunteer and career alike, must continue to gather not
only to share their knowledge but to share stories and experiences.
Fire fighting is a pressure cooker of stresses and responsibilities. We
often see things we wish we never saw; we often do things never dreamed
we would do. It has been said that until courage meets circumstance
there are no heroes and here in Indianapolis we have a gathering of
heroes:  men and women, career and volunteer alike, with a passion and
an understanding that transcends our differences and binds us together
as one.

Along with courses and education, FDIC represents a release, a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to let go of all that we have seen and
all we have experienced. I feel privileged to be a part of this group!

The learning starts today and will end in three but the friendships
will endure long after the doors close on yet another gathering at the
legendary FDIC.


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