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Friday, Sept. 24, 2010

Back from the CAFC with a pile of business cards to follow up on, an appreciation for the ability of cruise ship captains to navigate Saint John Harbour and the blessing of a Tims on every corner in the Atlantic provinces.

September 24, 2010 
By Laura King


Monday –
Rick Hillier’s speech. Best feel-good anecdotes:

  1. Hillier lived in Texas for a while, which, his
    buddies said, was good preparation for
    Afghanistan, what with all the heat and
    the fact that most Texans are more heavily armed than the Taliban.
  2. Rick Mercer’s ability, on a visit
    Afghanistan, to talk a mile a minute
    while parachuting/free falling from 10,500 feet. “He never shut up,”
    Hillier said.
  3. When Hillier was leaving Afghanistan he asked the troops what one
    final thing he could do for them. Like the good small-town men and women
    many of them are, they asked Hillier to bring a Tim Hortons to the base. A
    pretty hefty task – unless, of course, you’re Gen. Hillier. Hiller spoke a
    bit later to a business group in
    Ottawa and was asked by someone in
    the audience (with whom he had planted the question!) what Canadians could
    do for the troops. “Well,” he said, “funny you should ask. They want a
    Tims.” Naturally, Tims magnate Ron Joyce was in the audience, the rest is
    history and you’ve all seen photos of the Tims in

You can
read highlights of the more serious portions of Hiller’s speech on leadership
and putting people first here.

Other CAFC


night – Lobster and musician Terry Kelly.

Tuesday –
Niagara Falls Deputy Chief Jim Jessop’s passion for code enforcement.

– Some blatant truths during the panel discussion about 24-hour shifts and the
division between management and staff. Expect to see more unions recommending
24-hour shifts.

night – Cowboy hats – lots and lots of cowboy hats! The CAFC’s 2011 conference
is in
Calgary . . .

More business
news from the CAFC 2010 next week.

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