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Steel River Group Inc. of Calgary, Alta., is now the Canada-wide distributor of a mass water deployment system to fight fires and flooding in remote and hard-to-access areas. The company signed a partnership recently with Fire & Flood Emergency Services to be the dealer and distributor in Canada.

The water delivery technology offers customers quick deployment and demobilization of equipment over any terrain and provides a new tool for dealing with devastating fires and flooding in areas that are not easily reached.

Steel River Group is a privately held and Indigenous-owned and operated company.

“As an Indigenous-owned company, Steel River Group feels a strong sense of responsibility to protect the land and people, which is why this is such a positive new service offering for our company and addition to our Indigenous ecosystem,” company president and CEO Trend Fequet said in a press release. “This impressive technology is ideal for major industrial, infrastructure and pipeline projects, as well as for fighting forest fires, other wildfires and floods.”

The system can provide access to water over vast distances in excess of 75 kilometres to build a water-curtain barrier as a buffer to slow firestorm activity.

The system can also tap into a mobile hydrant system through a manifold technology for further fire suppression activities, reducing water-shuttle intervals, as well as reducing manpower and personnel exhaustion.

The system consists of a series of pumps, hoses and manifolds that are deployed using specialized all-terrain trucks.

Fequet said with the system, construction companies, project owners and emergency response teams have an effective new tool to include in their emergency response plans and site-specific safety plans.

Click here for more information about Steel River Group.

March 16, 2019
By Grant Cameron

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