Fire Fighting in Canada

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Federal government providing assistance to British Columbia for wildfires

July 5, 2021 
By FFIC Staff

July 5, 2021, Ottawa – The Canadian government has accepted a formal request for federal assistance from British Columbia, which is dealing with an unprecedented wildfire situation.

Canadian Armed Forces assets will be made available to provide airlift support to transport personnel, supplies, and equipment into and out of areas affected by fires in British Columbia, and to support an evacuation in an emergency situation if required. Also, the 3rd Canadian Division maintains an Immediate Response Unit that can be deployed in response to an approved request for federal assistance.

The Government Operations Centre, via Public Safety’s Regional Office, has staff working to coordinate the federal response to the situation in British Columbia.

The Government of Canada continues to monitor and assess the national wildfire situation 24/7, and along with all partners continues to assess the impacts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on wildfire response. Significant adaptations have also been taken by provinces and territories and the Canadian Interagency Forest fire Center (CIFFC) to ensure forest fires can be managed in the context of COVID, including personal protective equipment (PPE), retrofits to fire camps, and social distancing measures.

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