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Just like riding a bicycle . . .

Editor's note: Canada's The Fire Within and 30 firefighters are at FDIC in Indianapolis experiencing the HOT sessions, workshops and trade show. They're doing other stuff too, some of which you will read about in our The Fire Within / FDIC / Fire Fighting in Canada blog. Check in daily for updates from Indy and wish you were there!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The factory tour at Task Force Tips was amazing and very informative. After that, the group got on the bus for the three-hour drive to Indy. To pass the time, Chad recited all the lines to Top Gun which was really cool (no, not really). Thankfully, the bus was stocked with "refreshments" to dull the pain of listening to Chad.

April 20, 2010 
By The Fire Within

The first night in Indy was uneventful. Well, except for the part about
Ken (Norfolk County, Ont. ) riding a bicycle down the
street into oncoming traffic while wailing like a siren. At least he was
wearing a helmet, even if it was on backwards. Safety first! Then it
was on to Ike &
for a few drinks and some dancing. Kevan (chief fire
administrator, Alberta Municipal Affairs) really has some sweet dance
moves. Either that or he was having a seizure.

This morning some of the guys went to Hands On Training and the
pre-conference workshops. It's free day for the rest of the group. Stay
tuned for more on the day's events . . . 

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