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Look out Indy . . .

April 19, 2010

Editor's note: Canada's The Fire Within and 30 firefighters are at FDIC in Indianapolis this week, touring manufacturing plants, experiencing the HOT sessions and workshops and enjoying the massive trade show. They're doing other stuff too, some of which you will read about in our The Fire Within / FDIC / Fire Fighting in Canada blog. Check in daily for updates from Indy.

The group includes: Heath Johannson and Cory Clark from Nova Chemicals Emergency Services; Mike Torscher, Bow Island Fire Department; Trevor Allan, High River Fire Department; Mike Melanson and Jeff Beddome from the Irricana Fire Department; Bob Hogarth and Daryl Friesen, Lacombe Fire Department; Brad Boddez, Morinville Fire Department; Henry Thornson, St. Paul Fire Department; Doug Reid, Jeff Karkut and Terry Desserre from the Strathmore Fire Department; Trent Wagner and Betty Thompson-Reeves from the Swan Hills Fire Department; Lindsey Gall and David Mohl from the Hanna Fire Department; Wayne Swinimer, Jamie Juteau and Scott Burgess from the Windsor Fire Department; Mac Debeaudrap, Cochrane Fire Department; Tom Eichhorn and Randy Schroeder from the Mayerthorpe Fire Department; Chad Sartison and Doug Eagleton, Priddis Fire Depatrment; Dave King, Vegreville Fire Department; Kevan Jess with Alberta Municipal Affairs; Terry Garrington, Lavington Fire Department, Ken Sheridan with the Norfolk County Fire & EMS and Duane (the honourary Canadian) from Manheim, Pa.

 “I hate coach.” The Fire
Within’s Chad Sartison enjoys
the comfort of economy class
en route to Chicago.
No bull. Some proud Canadian
firefighters enjoy the local
landmarks in Valparaiso, Ind.
The Fire Within has arrived in Valparaiso at the Task Force Tips factory! After the unending excitement of flying coach and then a bus ride from Chicago to Valparaiso, the group arrived intact at the hotel Sunday evening. There were only a few minor incidents on the way - SOMEONE (Brad) left his carry on behind on the first leg of the flight; we found out that you CANNOT, in fact, touch a flight attendant; and Trevor (High River FD) now knows that the world is NOT flat and airplanes DO exist.

WFR and Task Force Tips provided dinner and drinks and the rest of the group provided the entertainment, as usual. Our first American attendee, Duane (Manheim, PA) was knighted as an honourary Canadian. The ceremony was complete with a Canada hat with ear flaps and good old Canadian beer (one of these items was more welcome that the other).

Today the group attends the TFT factory tour and is then on the way to INDY! Much more to come . . . 

April 19, 2010 
By The Fire Within

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