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Leece-Neville releases new starters and alternators

October 16, 2020 
By FFIC Staff

Credit: Leece-Neville

Prestolite Electric has introduced a comprehensive offering of starters and alternators – including the latest Leece-Neville IdlePro and IdlePro Extreme alternators and PowerPro and PowerPro Extreme starters – to deliver the performance these critical applications need to operate dependably in a wide range of conditions.

Leece-Neville products are engineered to provide vehicles with consistent power at the start and then continue to deliver it to every vital system – equipment, lights, cameras, radios and more – even when the vehicle is idling, sometimes for hours at a time.

Leece-Neville IdlePro and IdlePro Extreme alternators produce output at low engine speeds, a vital feature for vehicles that spend most of their working lives at low RPM while also powering higher-than-usual electrical draws. Some features include:

  • 12V, 210-, 230- and 240-amp outputs available in a dual internal fan design
  • 12V, 280-, 325-, 350- and 420-amp outputs available in a best-in-class brushless design
  • Minimum of 63% of a unit’s rated maximum output at engine idle (IdlePro)
  • Minimum of 90% of a unit’s rated maximum output (200+ amps) at engine idle on the 350-amp model (IdlePro Extreme)
  • Remote Sense capable – returns battery to full charge between stops and reduces overall charging time
  • Rated up to 125°C – ideal for the high-temperature environments often found in emergency vehicle applications
  • eCoated heavy-duty housing to reduce corrosion and improve vibration resistance
  • All new, no core
  • Assembled in America

Leece-Neville PowerPro and PowerPro Extreme starters provide operators with a space-saving package and offer an entire array of additional features:

  • 12V, 5kW and 7kW starting power – industry-leading performance in 6- to 16-liter engines
  • Sealed and noseless design to protect against dust, oil and other contaminants
  • Planetary gear reduction design for higher torque/speed and less power consumption
  • Integral Magnetic Switch technology to eliminate voltage drops
  • Soft start relay technology to prevent ring gear damage
  • Overcrank protection (optional on PowerPro 7 starter)
  • All new, no core
  • One- and three-year warranties

To learn more about these and other Leece-Neville products, please contact your Leece-Neville Heavy Duty Systems representative, email or visit For technical support, call 866-288-9853.

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