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Rappelling system integrates on to SCBA

May 20, 2010 - Sperian Respiratory Protection, working with Fire Innovations, has obtained NFPA and NIOSH certifications on an escape belt and rappelling system integrated on to the Warrior SCBA.The integration of the escape belt and optional rappelling products with the Warrior SCBA allows fire departments to add a critical piece of rescue equipment to their Warrior SCBAs while maintaining critical compliance with NFPA 1981 2007 edition and 1983 2006 edition.

The belt features a patented quick-release jettison system that allows the Warrior SCBA to be disengaged from the belt with a tug of two quick release pull straps. By pulling these straps, the firefighter jettisons the SCBA, allowing an escape from a confined space without the bulk of the SCBA. The straps also allow the firefighter to change easily the orientation of the SCBA while keeping the MMR secure on the facepiece.

The Sperian Warrior Escape Belt and Rappelling System is multi-functional. The belt is constructed of a Kevlar and Nomex weave that is braided, minimizing the possibility of breakage. It is highly visible, with a silver stripe and offers an impressive 4,000 lbs of tensile strength.

The Sperian escape and rappelling belt is available from all Sperian Fire distributors in North America. Visit

May 20, 2010 
By Carey Fredericks

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