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Tools for underwater rescue released by HURST

HURST Jaws of Life has launched the industry’s first line of watertight, battery-powered extrication tools for underwater rescue scenarios.

Three tools feature water-resistant casing and a new brushless motor for greater efficiency and longer run time.

“The launch of the HURST Jaws of Life eDRAULIC EWXT battery-powered watertight tool line provides the industry with another first from HURST, as we continue to bring first responders rescue tools that make what was once seemingly impossible now possible,” Ellie Mulcahy, general manager of HURST, said in a press release.

Mulcahy said the new line fills a gap in the rescue tool category for first responders who need extrication tools with power, speed and performance in submerged rescue operations where an external power source simply isn’t accessible and hose lines add complications.

Using a potting process, tool engineers designed a protective compound for the internals of the HURST Jaws of Life EWXT watertight tool. When submerged, water enters the battery case, but the potting creates a seal that prevents moisture from getting to components, such as the battery and circuit board. As a result, the HURST Jaws of Life EWXT can be completely submerged and remain operational while underwater without risk of damage to the battery or any loss of performance.

The EWXT technology comes in three tools: S 788EWXT Cutter, SP 555EWXT Spreader and R 521EWXT Ram.

The use of a brushless DC (BLDC) electrical motor in the tools offers higher performance. Because brushless motors have significantly higher efficiency and draw less current, first responders gain longer battery runtime.

The cutter and spreader in the EWXT line also have cases that are three inches shorter than HURST Jaws of Life eDRAULIC E2 rescue tools, providing easier mobility during extrication. Additionally, the new tools have improved LED lights to provide first responders with more visibility in confined spaces and during night rescues.

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April 15, 2019 
By Grant Cameron

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