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Turnout ensemble meets standards

June 12, 2009 - Lion Apparel's Janseville CB-Xit firefighter turnout ensemble is the first fully certified NFPA 1971 compliant structural firefighter turnout ensemble that also meets the standard’s optional chemical, biological and radiological particulate terrorism agent protection criteria (CBRN option).

June 12, 2009 
By Carey Fredericks

The CB-Xit provides firefighters with resistance to heat and moisture along with single-exposure protection from
sarin or mustard gas and other chemical warfare agents by combining features of Lion's V-Force turnout ensembles with the chem-bio protection of W.L. Gore & Associates’ GORE CHEMPAK barrier technology. When the ensemble’s properly donned, its CBRN protection is always ready to help the firefighter escape
at the first sign of a CBRN incident. For more information visit

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