Fire Fighting in Canada

The NFPA 1410 Training Standard: Is Your Agency Compliant?
February 17, 2021 at 1:30pm

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It’s critical for Canadian agencies to train firefighters to the national standards set forth in the NFPA 1410 series. Join us Feb. 17 for this special presentation covering those standards, what makes them critical for firefighter safety and performance, and how agencies can use Vector Solutions training platform delivered through the TargetSolutions brand to achieve compliance. With Vector Solutions, agencies can deliver 14 training courses on NFPA 1410 fireground evolutions featuring high-definition video demonstrations. Deliver as pre-training coursework prior to having firefighters hit the drill-yard, then track and report results from online and instructor-led hands-on training activities. Join us for this special presentation on the importance of the NFPA 1410 training standard.

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