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New CRC portable bioremediating parts washer

September 12, 2019  By CFF Staff

September 12, 2019, Horshman, PA – CRC has introduced the new SmartWasher BenchtopPRO bioremediating parts washer. This tool is designed to tackle cleaning jobs without using harmful solvents.

The newest model in the CRC SmartWasher line of parts washers, the BenchtopPRO,  is designed to be as effective as solvent-based parts washers but safer for the user and the environment. It employs a water-based degreasing solution to clean parts, along with naturally-occurring microorganisms to break down and convert oil, grease, and carbon-based contaminants into water and CO2. The process of bioremediation makes the BenchtopPRO a self-cleaning system and allows the degreasing solution to be reused.

The BenchtopPRO can be stored both flat and upright. The unit’s design features a recirculating pump that delivers cleaning fluid to a valve-controlled flow-through brush and a lid that flips out to become a built-in drying tray.

The CRC SmartWasher BenchtopPRO is designed to handle a range of home and professional cleaning applications including auto, motorcycle and motorsports maintenance and repairs, as well as small engines, household and outdoor equipment, bike repair, and boat maintenance.


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